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Seeing the World in 3-Dimensions: Geometric Solids

#MaterialMonday - Ms. Alex’s class loves the Geometric Solids! This material, found in the sensorial area, introduces children to three-dimensional shapes in a concrete, hands-on way! The Geometric Solids are a set of wooden 3D figures that the child is able to hold, manipulate, and explore. It is also used to help children see the connection between 2D and 3D shapes. For example, when looking at a pyramid, the child is able to see that the bottom is a square, while the four sides of the pyramid are made up of triangles.

In our classroom, during the initial lesson, the child matches the shapes to the cards provided with it. Through this process, they familiarize themselves with the shape and its name.

Once the child knows all the names of the 3D figures, we like to expand upon this work! We provide cards with images of common objects that are shaped like the geometric solids, such as ice cream cones, blocks (rectangular prisms), and cups (cylinders). This work helps the child recognize the 3D figures in their environment and connect the work to the real world. 

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