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Fraction Frenzy!

#MaterialMonday - The Fraction Insets are found in the Math Area of our classroom. These Insets provide a special variation to the typical Metal Insets. The Fraction Insets are used to teach fractions and equivalence in a hands-on way!  

The material comes in a set of ten circles, each one being divided into smaller parts. They range from one whole all the way to divisions of one-tenth. The children are able to manipulate these insets and explore equivalence. As they match and interchange pieces, they can make self-guided discoveries, such as realizing that 1/2 is the same as 2/4.

Some of our oldest children have been working diligently with the Fraction Insets! This work is always fun and appealing for the children as they can create their own fractions on paper with some creative freedom.   Check out their awesome work in the gallery below!


Once they have mastered the Insets and made their own discoveries, they are able to expand upon their knowledge by matching the numerical representation of a fraction to the visual.

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