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How We Follow The Child!!

Axel has been hard at work in the Math area, specifically on Linear Counting. At the beginning of this year, Axel was still solidifying his knowledge of 1-10. Now, he is working on his 20s! Using the Tens Board, Axel has been creating the symbols for 20-29, alongside using the beads to associate quantity with these numbers. He has also been using the Hundred Chart on the wall to order these numbers. These skills will come in handy as he moves on to larger, more complex work. Linear Counting is more than just counting from memory and counting in order. Linear counting includes building one-to-one correspondence. As Axel lays out each set of beads, he is observing that every number has its own unique value. He is also continuing to refine his sense of order as he follows the same multi-step process to create the symbols and its associated quantity. Picking up the small beads requires fine-motor precision and each time he picks up beads, he is building the muscles in his hands for writing.

Axel has also been writing these numbers as an extension, which only serves to reinforce his knowledge of number symbols and helps him to continue to grow with handwriting. Awesome job, Axel!

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